What is Toplevel Sportswear

Toplevel Sportswear is an American company that manufactures casual branded and marketing sportswear apparel. Toplevel Sportswear headquarters are located in Lakeland, Florida.


Toplevel Sportswear was founded in 2015 by Hector Graxirena, a then 46-year-old former Technology Specialist and Entrepreneur. Graxirena initially began the business from his home in Brandon, FL.  He spent his time traveling from the East coast to the West coast of Florida, with apparel in the trunk of his car. His first sales came through the e-commerce website which was built for Toplevel Sportswear.  He was managing his daily life, though it presented challenges—daily showers were at his local gym, and he lived in his office—but he was determined to keep his ambition and continue striving for greatness and achieving his goals and dreams. After approximately one year, Graxirena moved to Lakeland, Florida where he resided at his office for close to seven months before he was able to move into his own home. From there, he began to see his hard work, dedication, and sacrifice pay off as he watched his business grow.

As a Technology Specialist, Graxirena had an abundance of several types of projects, ranging from simple computer repair to directing cybersecurity for a high volume and well known national supermarket chain. He started a consulting firm called HoBITS Technologies and provided IT solutions for small businesses in the Tampa Bay area. Despite his success and wealth of knowledge within the Information Technology field, Graxirena still felt that there was something missing—his ability to use his fascination and his passion for artistic expression.  Website Development and Design was what he really relished in the IT sector. With any website development project, Graphic Design plays an immense role in that process, and he has always been drawn to that aspect as a way to truly engage with his love of the arts. He managed to turn that passion into a career.

Recreationally, Graxirena loves the open road and always tries to make time for enjoyment of his other love—his motorcycle. He has even used this thirst for adventure and travel for a greater good, by developing an organization (YouCMe Organization) to create and promote awareness for motorists to look twice and use caution to save lives of fellow bike riders. During a leisurely ride, a friend of Graxirena mentioned how much he would like to have matching shirts for their collection of motorcycle riding friends—so they could proudly display their camaraderie and represent one another while appreciating the passion for the open roads of Central Florida. This challenge began, and the first shirt was designed. He made T-shirts using moisture-wicking synthetic fabric with a unique graphic design. He developed his first prototype of the shirt, which he gave to his group of friends who rode with him. After this shirt was created, and they began regularly wearing their shirts during rides, a demand for more of these shirts came in, as other groups and businesses started noticing the type of apparel. As more interest from these businesses and organizations grew, he decided to begin a new venture—Toplevel Sportswear was launched.

While researching the product before beginning a new business venture, Graxirena noticed that there were a handful of companies making something similar, but their designs were not practical and not unique. The shirt styles were the regular crew shirts, and sizing and printing were inconsistent.  Trying to say ahead of the competition, he wanted to offer exceptional quality in distinctive and bold designs and colors in addition to accurate sizing and printing. Graxirena made the decision to name his company “Toplevel Sportswear”, since many of his competitors in the industry always sought ways to achieve the “next level.” Since there is no goal higher than the top, Toplevel seemed to be the perfect name, as providing high-quality, premium branded apparel was the ultimate goal of Toplevel Sportswear.


Products manufactured by Toplevel Sportswear include athletic t-shirts, polo shirts, racing shirts, jackets, hoodies, leggings, shorts, and accessories such as facemasks, compression sleeves, and caps.

Toplevel Sportswear also produces American football, basketball, and soccer uniforms, among other sports.

Community Involvement

Toplevel Sportswear is committed to becoming involved in different facets of the community. As of 2018, Toplevel is excited about plans that are already underway, that specialize in giving back to marine wildlife and cleanliness with the Atlantico Gear brand (a sub-brand of Toplevel). The company also support artists, painters, and photographers around the world, by partnering with them and exposing their art. They provide more options to their customer than simply a shirt but being able to capture the memory of a certain time and place while at the same time supporting local art.

The Atlantico Gear brand, which is the Performance fishing line part of the Toplevel Sportswear lineup, also includes a BubbleGumm series which promotes women using fishing and the love for boating and water to fight breast cancer.

As of 2018, Toplevel Sportswear sponsors local Softball and Baseball leagues, providing opportunities for youth athletes across Central Florida.


Born from a passion for incorporating an element of unique personalization to acquiring a variety of sports apparel products, Toplevel Sportswear can customized products for any group, organization, sport, event, activity, corporate, event, and more.

Our mission is to transform the ideas and visions of our clients into powerful and unique visual imagery, utilizing sportswear as the product base. We want our clients to have apparel that stands out and draws attention, in a sea of black-and-white boring tees seen today. That starts with our commitment to customization and personalization of any variety.

Toplevel Sportswear creates custom sportswear apparel that will enable any client to rise above the competition with a totally uniquely developed look. The original graphic designs will help clients to get noticed, create awareness, and get people talking about a person, company, business, or group. They are a two-in-one solution, with graphic design capabilities as well as apparel printing for a finished result that will satisfy any client demand.

On the website, clients can choose between apparel design, logo design, and screen-printing to get started. Toplevel Sportswear provides a sizing guide to help consumers figure out what size is right for them. They also provide a previewing feature to check out how designs will look before purchasing products.


Toplevel Sportswear promotes its products on its website www.ToplevelSportswear.com, www.ToplevelShirts.com, and www.TLSportswear.com. Also, with the power of Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google+LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Vimeo. They also use product placement in agreement with several Instagram influencers.



1810 Lakeland Hills Blvd.
Lakeland, FL 33803