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Thanks for taking the time to request a quote for your custom apparel. Thankfully, we have enable pricing on all of our products, and you will be able to see the pricing per quantity on each item. All of our ordering is done online, so you will need to complete the customization form and complete the check-out process. Once we receive your order, we proceed to create the design you requested on your form, based on the files and details that you provided.


Full Print Apparel

With Dye-Sublimation, we can put any color combination or design into the apparel without any color or graphic limitation. Our design fee on these items is $75.00. You will see the fee at the time of check-out. Don’t be afraid, there are no hidden fees or cost. There is no minimum order, you can order 1 or 1000. Get Started with your order right now.

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Solid Color Apparel

Same dye-sublimation technology, but a bit more affordable solution. You select the color you want and upload the High-Resolution (Print-Ready) and we will place that logo into your selected apparel. No limitations of colors on the logo. This products do not require a design fee as the print-ready high-resolution images placed on the solid color apparel will be provided by you when ordering. A minimum of 12 pieces is required.

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