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Hector, a seasoned IT professional of 29 years and an Entrepreneur had had always the vision for graphic designs, illustration and drawing. Besides that, he had always had the desired to be able to match a branding, logo or graphics with business ideas in order to tell the audience what the idea is all about without saying a word. In 2015, Hector founded Toplevel Sportswear, it was the perfect tool and way to be able to get into apparel that would be comfortable enough for people to wear at all times. “This was not about just another shirt, or another set of images combined into a “design” to call it logo. The images, must be pararell to the core idea of the business, this way it is just about the passion the business owner feels for their product. When that happens, our creative process goes above and beyong imagination. On top of that, add the fact of integrating this design into clothing that feels great in your body, it makes you feel good, gets attention from everyone around you, and get your engagement going instantly. It’s a win-win combination.” Said Hector.

What is your business? Toplevel Sportswear, is a custom sportswear apparel company that specializes in delivering customer with premium branded apparel for every occasion. The idea behind it, basically, is to make the brand, business or group get real true visibility.

Who are your clients? Literally, everyone is a potential customer. Clubs, Organizations, Government, Private Sector, Fishing industry, Hunting, Schools, etc. etc. We can make anything with this technology, the sky is the limit.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? My Dad, he always worked for himself. I can not remember my father working for someone else till this day. Growing up, we had a Body-shop and I hated Saturdays, and No-School days because I knew I was going to get up earlier to go to the shop with my Dad. He was always up by 6am, and by 7am we were already opened. At some point we had almost 20 people on payroll, and contracts with some major dealerships in the Island. This eventually turned into me making money in cars when my friends car were having issues.

What is something interesting about your business? The fact that when we do create art for one of our customers they say “wow, I’ve never seen anything like this before!”. This is the force, that pushes us day in and day out to make our product offering and designs even better.

What was the hardest thing about starting your business? R&D, by far. Being new in the apparel industry I felt it was my job to have as much knowledge I could have about the product I was selling. I mean, if i don’t know anything about my product from concept to reality, how can I feel excited about it. I couldn’t…so researching in order to educate myself about it was the hardest part.

Why Lakeland? Why not? I think it’s the perfect place to be able to develop a new product and hopefully, get brand recognition and support from our community.

Secret Ingredient? Connections! Our passion is about connecting people with our clients products and services. We do this thru advertising, which it lets us illuminate how those products and services will improve their customers lives.

Where can visitors learn a little bit more about you? We use a lot of social media platforms, but if you want more information, visit: www.toplevelsportswear.com, you can also follow us on Instagram at www.instagram.com/toplevelsportswear

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