frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions regarding our services and products? Here we have listed the most frequently asked questions.

Yes we do.

You can become familiar with the options we have to offer by becoming a Wholesaler or Affiliate for Toplevel Sportswear.

If you should experience a problem or discrepancy with an order, please contact [email protected] or 321-200-0305 and have your order information ready. Because the nature of the custom apparel, the restrictions for returns are strictly enforced.

IF any of the apparel pieces is damage in transit, we will replace it with another piece. We go thru rigorous quality control to make sure all shirts are in perfect condition right before they are delivered to you. Otherwise, ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

Please make sure you read and understand the return policy prior to ordering. Ordering is an acceptance to understanding our return policies.

  • You understand that, you are placing a custom order for your apparel, and this apparel is designed, customized and personalized for you, your business, group or organization.
  • You understand that, we do not have any use for the apparel other than provide it to you, therefore, we can not keep it, resell it, or do anything with it.
  • You understand that, you only have 24 hours to cancel an order and obtain full refund for it, without any penalty.
  • You understand that, after 24 hours from your order, if you decide to cancel for ANY reason, you are subject to the $250.00 regular price design fee regardless of which amount you paid with your package.
  • You understand that packages purchased that were “On Sale” or “Special”, or purchased via “Coupons” are not subject to return, unless the product is defective at the time of delivery.
  • You understand that, this is made to order apparel, and every piece will have a 1/2 of give or take, so make sure that you follow the sizing chart for your pieces. The measurements are what they are, so you are responsible for your own sizing ordering. See Sizing Guide here.
  • You understand that, all claims for shortages or damages MUST be made within 5 working days of receipt of goods.
  • You understand that, white-label custom goods are NOT returnable.
  • You understand that, “Local Delivery” means that you will pick-up your order at our offices.
  • You understand that, if you do not pay for shipping, we will invoice you our service fee plus shipping in order to ship the merchandise to you. You need to pay the shipping charges before shipping takes place.
  • You understand that, returns due to customer error, including if your customer cancelled on you, are subject to a 15% service fee.
  • You understand that, all defective goods must be clearly marked over the flaw.
  • You understand that, all cancellations are subject to written approval from TopLevel Sportswear.

A PrintReady file, is a term we use which means the submitted print file meets all the criteria for print. Print-Ready is a term used to describe a file that has all the specifications necessary to produce high-resolution printed output, without requiring any additional alteration or intervention. In other words, a commercial printer can use the file “as submitted” to successfully create the desired print materials.

Sending the wrong sort of files to the printers can have a pretty big negative impact on your finished article.

Files for your printers: Ask them but probably PDFs or native Creative Suite files (.ai, .psd, .indd)
Vectors: EPSs, PDFs and AIs
Bitmaps: TIFFs, PSDs and sometimes JPEGs

In essence, when you have a “Print-Ready” file, the file have already met the fowillowng bullets:

  • Convert all RGB images into CMYK color.
  • File is in proper format (PSD, EPS, AI, High-Resolution JPG, PDF, TIF).
  • Check if final image has enough resolution (300dpi or higher)
  • Contains only high-resolution image data
  • Has links to placed graphics and images
  • Includes all fonts or fonts have been outlined
  • Check if all text pages have enough bleed (1/8″).
  • Included are trim/crop marks, center marks, and page info.
  • Includes paper size with indications for bleeds and page marking
  • Does not require any additional modifications before being sent to the printer

Use the following methods to submit your Art to us.

Any artwork that you supply to us will be sent to us by email. When sending artwork please compress your files into a .ZIP file. If by any chance, your e-mail provider doesn’t allow you to send big files, then we recommend you use WeTransfer.

WeTransfer  is a simple file-sharing platform that is free to use for files up to 2GB in size.

All you need to do is:

  1. Navigate to WeTransfer
  2. Click on the free version
  3. Enter the information for the transfer and click “Transfer”

We will receive a notification when the file is ready to download, and we will go to work on your design.


These are the two basic differences between the format we will be working with.

  • Vector Artwork – Vector Artwork the first of two forms of art used by computers. A vector image is made of shapes, curves, lines, and paths. Vector artwork is a computer generated format which means it does not rely on resolution.
  • Raster Artwork – Raster Artwork is the second of the two forms of art used by computers. A raster image is made of “pixels” which means it is resolution dependent. Resolution is the term for pixel density or DPI (Dots Per Inch) . Therefore the higher the DPI, the more detailed the  image will be. Any raster artwork sent should be at least 150 DPI or higher at normal size.


  • Acceptable Vector Artwork formats – .eps, .pdf, .ai
    Please convert of text to curves or outlines before sending.
  • Acceptable Raster Artwork formats – .jpg, .bmp,  .gif, .png, .tif, .psd
    Please provide artwork that is at least 150 DPI

No, we do more than shirts! We have a complete array of clothing. Please, check our sizing page for the style we make.

Keep in mind that we are constantly adding styles into our selection:


We currently ships to the USA (including Guam, Puerto Rico, US Military bases) and Internationally to the following countries: Canada, Australia, France, Germany, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK. Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in TopLevel Sportwear garments and are in a country that is not listed.

Yes we do!

Yes! It varies depending on the garment. Some pieces are 6, and some other are 12.


Yes, we can get anything into the shirts, as long as it is in high resolution. However, these shirts speak for the quality of the work we put into them. We will take a look at what you have, and if we can incorporate it into the shirt, we will. However, more than likely, and very often, we do our own art work.

We DO NOT COPY, DUPLICATE, REPLICATE, or REPRINT any other company’s art work.


If you want to get a sample of how your garment will look like before printing, we can definitely do that. Once you order the design, we start working on it, and we will send you the rendering of how it will look like on your clothing.

Place your order here.

Pricing varies according to the amount of garments, and amount ordered.


Yes, the discounted amount is already added on the website.


Yes, order the Sample Shirt from our website.

Sure can! We have some samples available and you can see them for yourself.

100% Polyester, it is the Dry-Fast material.


Our Offices are located at:
1810 Lakeland Hills Blvd.
Lakeland, FL 33805

As many as the design calls for. We do not charge for the colors, or graphics.

Yes, we can put ANYTHING on the shirts, the design fee still applies.

The design process take between 7 to 14 days. Once the design is approved, you are looking at anywhere between 3 to 6 (depends on demand) weeks to be ready, then you will be notified when they are ready.

Via PayPal, or Credit Card. Since this is custom work, All ORDERS must be paid IN FULL prior to start.

  1. Navigate to our Custom Ordering page
  2. Select the preferred style from the website.
  3. Once you have selected your product, enter the desired criteria for your design, and complete your order.
  4. When payment is completed, we will start working on your design.
  5. We will request pictures, logos, themes, and anything else you want to incorporate in your design. These files will be send to us via email and for best result, these files need to be in High Resolution.
  6. We will start working with your design, and  once you receive your design, if you want to change anything, then this is the time to do it. If you like it, you will approve it by email, you will tell us how many shirts we will order, and the sizes we will need.
  7. You have up to 2 additional revisions for your art.
  8. The design process will take anywhere from 7 to 14 days.
  9. Once the final design is approved, your shirts will go into production.
  10. 3 to 6 weeks later your shirts will be ready, depending on production and time of year.

Yes, we do have the source files of your design available, if you wish to purchase those to duplicate your design with another company. Send us an email and select “Purchase Art Copyrights” from the drop-down menu and let us know how we can help.

We do hold our work to a high standard, therefore, the time that we invest designing an apparel extremely intensive. Our design fee is for the work of creating the design, not for the design itself. Keep in mind, that the design that you selected will only be used for your brand, logo, or organization as long as there is no copyright violations. It does not happens too often, but once in a while, we get a notice of someone trying to copy and replicate one of the designs we created to re-sell them. Be aware, that those actions are considered Copyright Infringement and Violation, and we do not appreciate it, so in cases like this, our legal department, handles the situation. Keep in mind, that this action completely forfeit your unique rights to the initial design, and this one becomes available to the public for re-branding.

If you have any other questions on the legal side of this, please, email us at [email protected].

Below are our company holidays for 2016:

  • Jan. 1 – New Year’s Day
  • Mar. 25 – Good Friday
  • May 30 – Memorial Day
  • Jul. 4 – Independence Day
  • Sep. 5 – Labor Day
  • Nov. 24-25 – Thanksgiving
  • Dec. 26 – Jan. 2 – Holiday Shutdown


Like every kind of equipment, clothing is not made to last forever, but below there are a few useful notes for maintaining and maximizing the life of your cycling garments.


Never use any creams, liquids or products for warming up (winter) or sun protection (summer) under garments made with elastic fibers. These products contain chemicals which lead to quick fiber deterioration for all fabrics made with spandex. Avoid getting any sunscreen under or on your apparel made with elastic based fabrics.


After each ride, hang your garments in a well-ventilated environment or wash them immediately. Never store damp sweaty clothes in a non-ventilated environment (e.g. plastic bags, sport bag).

Sweat is toxic. On some individuals more than others – body chemistry is different for everyone. If your body has a tendency to sweat a lot, wash or water-rinse the garments after each use to protect the fibers from bacterial attacks which might lead to fabric deterioration.


Washing a garment can put stress on fabric and seams. Therefore, wash your TopLevel garments separately from other clothes/accessories to prevent friction – especially items with Velcro, webbing, or anything with a rough /abrasive character. Before washing, turn the garments inside out (seams on the outside).

Machine-wash, ideally in a wash bag, on a delicate cycle in lukewarm water (max. 30° C/86° F), and with mild liquid detergent. Do not use Woolite, bleach, softeners, or any kind of laundry additive. Dry garments flat or hanging, but do not tumble dry.


Fabric pilling
Fabric pilling (balling up of fibers in an area) does not occur by itself. It always is the result of abrasion – rubbing against something else. For this reason we suggest the following:

  • Do not use embroidered items.
  • Do not wash your shorts or jerseys together with gloves, bags, rain jackets, etc. because of the Velcro straps.

Fabric deterioration
Sweat sitting on synthetic performance fabrics can cause the fabric to degrade. Stretch fabrics, with elastic fibers are especially affected. See above for care instructions.

Please see Sizing Guide for more detailed information.

SPECIAL NOTE: All Custom Orders are FINAL SALE!. No returns, exchanges, or cancellations will be accepted.

If you want to see a full line of items, please make sure you look at our styles and sizes in this link: