What is Dye-Sublimation?

Dye sublimation is a unique printing method that allows you to print any design utilizing digital printing. Your graphics or images are transferred from transfer paper to your apparel fabric with a roll to roll thermal transfer machine at temperatures hitting 400Β° F. While the fabric is heated under this high temperature and pressure, the dyes turn into gases which permeate and solidify into the fabric saturating 95% of fibers.

The end result is that the dyes are actually absorbed into the fabric, not just printed on the top of it, so you get a depth and richness to your images that aren’t possible through other printing methods. This produces high resolution graphics at crisp photo quality from sleeve to sleeve, neck to hem. Our fabrics are durable, comfortable and will not fade or shrink.

Toplevel Sportswear Dye-Sublimation
What is cut & sew?

All of our apparel is sewn together, piece-by-piece. This means NO transfer lines or white gaps in your clothing where the seams meet.

So you are free to create truly customized designs perfect for corporate apparel, destination apparel, POP WEAR (walking billboards), promotional events, Fundraisers and so onβ€”only your imagination will limit your design.

Full Color Printed Products

With the Custom Full Color Apparel, you can select an unlimited amount of graphics and colors for the background, and foreground of the shirt, shorts, bikinis, jackets, etc. You customize the form and we will make it a reality. There is no limit of colors, or graphics. We can make it as crazy or as subtle as you want it. These pieces of clothing, will NOT shrink or fade. If you are looking for something to get the most out of your dollar, then this is it. These pieces are made out of Drifit / Microfiber material and are designed to keep you totally fresh and cool. [view more]

Solid Color Printed Products

The solid color apparel gives you a smart alternative to solid color shirts in the market. What are the advantages of the solid color? YOU, can select ANY color in which YOU want YOUR apparel on, (we can match any pantone or code). Then, you select any logo, graphics or text (of any colors) and you tell us where you want them. There no extra charge. No screen-printing, so there is no plastic feeling anywhere in the apparel. [view more]

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