Calling all Graphic Designers

Get Started…

We want to have the best selection of apparel available anywhere and we need your help. We want to work with creative minds to offer unique, cool, and marketable apparel. If you are an Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop expert and you have a eye for what a cool full custom print should looks like we want to work with you.

How it Works?

  1. Design your jersey on our template – download here: pdf or illustrator
  2. Send us your completed design by emailing us at
  3. We will take a look at your design and verify that it’s both marketable and properly laid up for printing.
  4. If you’re design has what it takes we’ll then request additional details from you setup your collection page.
  5. We’ll setup a an affiliate account highlighting you and your designs and you’ll earn a 7% commission whenever your apparel sells.